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Hi there, I'm Mohsin Kaleem, better known as mohkale.

You've stumbled upon my humble blog, where I write about whatever interests me and the things I get up to. Take your time, enjoy your stay, let-me know if you find any issues and feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

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Snippet of The Day

Gold Rush

func goldRush(gMap Map) int {
	max := 0
	for i, col := range gMap {
		for j, _ := range col {
    		max = variadicMax(max, goldRushPath(gMap, i, j, 0))
	return max

func goldRushPath(gMap Map, x, y, sum int) int {
	if x < 0 || y < 0 || x >= len(gMap) || y >= len(gMap[0]) || gMap[x][y] == 0 {
		return sum

	sum += gMap[x][y]
	defer (func(val int) { gMap[x][y] = val })(gMap[x][y])
	gMap[x][y] = 0

	return variadicMax(
		goldRushPath(gMap, x+1, y, sum),
		goldRushPath(gMap, x-1, y, sum),
		goldRushPath(gMap, x, y+1, sum),
		goldRushPath(gMap, x, y-1, sum),